Land Cruise to Hood River

photo of Hood River Valley
View over the Hood River Valley in the late-season sun. Image: Courtesy Shawn Linehan

Fall Land Cruise, 2018!
October 7 - 11

THE ANNUAL Fall Land Cruise will take place October 7 – 11 in Hood River, OR. RV-ers are staying at Bridge RV Park just across the bridge in Washington. There is also a County Campgrounds just south of downtown Hood River; plus many hotels, B&Bs and Airbnbs.

There is lots to do for folks with varied interests. There are many wineries, several breweries -- including Full Sail which does a brewery tour --, a number of apple orchards, several of which brew flavored hard cider drinks.

There is also a Paddle Boat ride on the Columbia with a historical perspective on the development along the river, numerous short hikes to large waterfalls, a 2-hour sightseeing tour (auto) into the mountains in WA, numerous museums like Hood River Museum, a huge antique airplane and auto museum, the George Museum, or for those who want to wander a little farther the unbelievable Samuel Hill/Maryhill Museum.

We will organize activities by day based on the general interests of folks (i.e., we will likely have a winery day, a brewery day and a hard cider day, each of which will include activities like museums, short hikes, or the paddle boat tour.)

For those staying in hotels, etc. there is the Hood River Valley Festival on Oct. 12-14. RV-ers would need to find alternative space as there is no space at Bridge RV park after the 11th.

photo of trailer traveling through desert Photo by Airstream Inc. on Unsplash

If you are interested contact Bob Boehm at