Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions (SI’s) for the SWYC Laser and Pelican 2022 summer racing series follow.

Note changes from last season are in red. There are additional, not-color coded changes for Pelicans as they have not had a series for several years. Another consideration this year is to reduce Race Committee (R/C) equipment requirements and workload.

Things to note include the following:

– Course numbers may or may  not be displayed on the R/C boat. If not, verbal instructions may be given or competitors can agree on the courses from boat to boat while sailing in the starting area.

– The 3 minute dinghy starting sequence will be used for all races. This will be done with sound signals only, no flags.

– There is a new course designated “Double Zero”. It requires only a Start/Finish line and a Windward Mark.

The course proceeds as follows:

    •                 Start and leave Windward Mark to port.
    •                 Return to the Start/Finish line which is to be treated as a Gate.
    •                 Cross the Start/Finish line, round either end and head back to the Windward Mark.
    •                 Round the Windward Mark to port again and finish down wind.
    •                 Be alert for a possible shortened course finish at the end of leg two if the wind dies.



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2022 SWYC Sailing Instructions