South Whidbey Yacht Club

1689 Main Street Freeland
Tues – Sat 10am-4pm

The charity for this year’s support of a local non-profit is Whidbey Island Angels. You will be able to learn about Whidbey Island Angels at this year’s Holiday Party December 15 at the Greenback Progressive Club or online at the SWYC website. Cindy Buchanan and Tanya Hernandez will be present to share the stories about how Whidbey Island began.

As a grassroots charity organization created by Cindy Buchanan and local Whidbey Islanders, it has expanded to opening a physical resource center on 1689 Main Street in Freeland. It shares the resource center with Oasis for Animals and WI Drive. Anyone can come into the resource center and request household items, toiletries, or anything else they might need.

Whidbey Island Angels began after Cindy started coordinating donations on Facebook, and it grew far faster than she anticipated.

“It’s really become an overwhelming thing,” Buchanan said. “I started it March 15 of last year when COVID broke out. A lady posted on Facebook that she had some free food. An elderly lady answered it and said that she would take it—but it was already taken, so then she posted ‘Well if anyone has anything extra they could spare, think of me.’ So, I said right before her post, ‘What do you need?’ Then people started jumping in.

Please consider making a donation to:

Whidbey Island Angels

P.O. Box 43 Freeland 98249

Or through Paypal @Cbuchanan984