South Whidbey Yacht Club

Happy New Year to you all! 2018 was a great year and ended perfectly with a fun holiday party.
2019 is sure to bring more amazing opportunities, beginning with three exciting General Member programs that you don’t want to miss. Thanks to Bruce Morris and Jim Rogers for planning the programs. Katy Shaner continues to make plans for growing the newly developed kayaking program with both on the water as well as off water events, including a “cruise” weekend on Orcas. In addition, there will be the “regular” club activities like; Opening Day, the annual fishing trip, Crab Fest, Land Cruise, and Commodore’s Ball, not to mention the cruises and all of the on the water activities sponsored by the YSA.
I truly believe the best days are still to come and with all of your help we can make it happen.
Debra Richardson, Commodore SWYC
“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” –Anne Frank

Come to the January 16 membership meeting!

We’ll hear past Commodore Derek and Pat Pritchard share their stories from living in Kenya: “The Maasai were our neighbours”.

Past Commodore Derek and Pat Pritchard will tell the story of their time living in Kenya. Pat & Derek worked for the Outward-Bound schools for 44 years. They lived on 4 continents and in eleven countries: with five of those years spent in Kenya. They lived in Laitokitok on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, with their two children, in the heart of Maasai lands.

Guests are welcome!

We are looking for anyone in the club who has a story to share with all of us. Every year we have at least one member present the story of their boating adventures. Do you have a favorite cruise, or have you been boating in an unusual place or circumstances? We would all love to hear about it. Would you be willing to put together a presentation for our membership meeting in May or June 2019?

Contact Jim Rogers or Bruce Morris for more information or to volunteer.

December Christmas Party

If you missed the party, you missed a great time! In addition to fun and games, guests raised $1,050 in donations to Good Cheer.

The Wet Hens’ Activities
– Katy Shaner

The Pelican, now known as “Wet Hen”, is well on its way to being refurbished.  Mentor and teacher Derek Pritchard has been helping Sarah Dore and Katy Shaner for four hours twice a month as they learn hands-on boat repair and restoration. Will the “Wet Hen” be ready for Opening Day? Wait and see.

The kayaking enthusiasts are planning for our 2019 summer season.  An overnight trip to Orcas Island in September is being planned, with eight kayakers who have shown an interest. Also, a kayaking presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, January 22 from 1-3 at Commodore Debra Richardson’s home, 3486 Camano Vista, Greenbank the . New SWYC member and very experienced kayaker and boater, Joel Shrut, will lead the presentation with stories of his experiences kayaking/boating Whidbey Island and beyond.

All are welcome. That means you guys, too!

Interested in any of the activities for the Wet Hens?  -Please contact Katy Shaner

The Keelboat Project
– Bill Brown

      A group of members have purchased a San Juan 24 keelboat sloop and titled it to the SWYC Youth Sailing Association (YSA). The boat is well equipped for round the buoys racing and day sailing. With the planned addition of a porta-potti, it will also be suitable for limited cruising. It is berthed at the Oak Harbor Marina.

The project was initiated by members of the YSA operating committee with the objective of finding ten SWYC members willing to fund the acquisition as well as the operating and maintenance costs. That goal was exceeded, with eleven members contributing to the purchase and committing to 2019 O&M funding. Those eleven (the Syndicate) are entitled to shared usage of the boat per the terms of their financial support of the project. They are also charged with managing the financial, physical and administrative matters associated with the project. This will include a new name for the boat and perhaps a more appropriate name for the Syndicate.

Syndicate members are working to develop policies, procedures and governing documents. For now, they have decided not to accept additional members. Envisioned usage includes racing in the OHYC Thursday night series, fun sailing for Syndicate members and their guests, and eventually some keelboat classes. Watch for more details as they develop.

Please welcome our New Club Members

Ken Price – Ken was attracted to the club by the prospect of participation in the keelboat project. He is a long-time sailor and has owned and chartered numerous boats – sail, power and human powered, mostly in the Maryland/Chesapeake Bay area. Ken has bought into the keelboat syndicate and, along with Dan Mooney, has taken the lead for maintenance of the San Juan 24. mostly retired but works part time at the Freeland Ace Hardware store. He lives in Langley on the shores of Goss Lake.

Welcome Aboard, Ken!

Mark your calendars for the next Club meetings! Bruce and Jim have lined up some exciting presentations…..

 February 20th:

“The First Person to complete the R2AK on a Stand-Up Paddleboard” with Captain Karl Kruger from Orcas Island.


March 20th:

“Paddling with spirits: a solo kayak journey” with Irene Skyriver.  She will talk about her experience Kayaking Solo from Alaska to the San Juans.