March Newsletter

Commodore’s Message

Spring is on its way! As the days grow longer, my thoughts turn towards getting all of our water toys ready for the coming season. Opening day is two short months away. With that in mind I went to check on our boat to make sure all was well after another cold snap. Even with snow covering her deck, I could sense her eagerness (or perhaps it’s just mine) to get back out on the open water for another season of adventures.


Thank you, Dan Mooney, for pulling together another fascinating speaker in Brad Edwards, retired Foss Maritime captain. I look forward to hearing and learning from our next speaker, our own Peter Ford, at the March 16th general meeting.

Unfortunately, I must apologize to those who missed the presentation and want to see it. I forgot to flip the ZOOM switch to ‘record’ after the session started. Which brings up a point that your board has been struggling with since we began offering hybrid meetings. The technology and equipment the club purchased to support hybrid meetings takes a bit of time to properly set up, monitor and fine tune during meetings to deliver the best experience for our in-person and electronic audiences. With my responsibilities as Commodore during the meeting, it’s just not possible for me to manage both the meeting and the technology & equipment well.

** We are seeking four (4) volunteers from the membership to learn the equipment and take responsibility for setting up and operating the technology on site at the Progressive Club allowing us to offer a quality hybrid program. We have 9 programs throughout the year so if each person could take responsibility for two of the meetings with someone taking three, it would be a great assist to all of us and not too burdensome for one person. Please give it some thought and if you want to learn more, reach out to me. . Thank you for considering helping us all out.**


Speaking of volunteers, there has been a whirlwind of activities over the past sixty days where club members have stepped up to plan, organize and prepare for our many summer boating season activities. These range from cruising, kayaking, racing, sailing class schedules to planning for our club social events. Thank you all for your contributions and for figuring out all the details to make it easier for the rest of us. I see that two of our newer members have stepped forward to co-host our Opening Day event in May – Glen and Tina Quintan – and our July Crabfest – Jim & Melody Carney. Volunteering is a great way to get to know more of your fellow club members. Thank you, Quintan’s and Carney’s.


With Covid continuing to trend downward and CDC guidance relaxing, our plan is to again meet at the Progressive Club in Greenbank for those who wish to attend in-person and live stream the meeting on Zoom for those who prefer to attend electronically. I look forward to seeing smiling faces in both places and talking spring boat prep with my fellow mariners.

Calm seas, fair winds and clear skies to you,
Pete Grimlund
South Whidbey Yacht Club

Welcome New Members
Please welcome this month’s newest members to the yacht club. We look forward to meeting them at our upcoming events.

Sharon and Keith Brocker
We moved from Redmond to Langley in 2021. My husband is a retired Navy Captain who knows how to sail. I would like to learn to be reasonably proficient, but more importantly, I would like to get to know my neighbors and make friends with my community.


Membership Meeting

Wednesday, February 16
Greenbank Progressive Club and Zoom

  • 6:30 Socializing/Sips & Dips to Share/ Zoom Opens
  • 6:45 Announcements
  • 7:00 Program

Guest Speaker – PETER FORD

*Remember to bring your own plates, silverware and glassware as part of SWYC’s goal to a cleaner environment by reducing waste.


SWYC Member

‘Sailing Round Trip from Oak Harbor to the Broughton Islands near the North End of Vancouver Island’

Peter and Amanda Ford have owned a cabin on Whidbey Island for over 20 years, moving full time onto the Island about 6 years ago.  Since retiring from the IT world where he was a Computer Networking Specialist, Peter has dabbled in Wooden Boats including keelboats moored in Oak Harbor Marina.

In April of 2021 he purchased Tehani, a 1926 32 foot Danish double ended sailboat in Sausalito CA, and shipped the boat up to the PNW.   Tehani joined up with their 1933 23ft Danish Spidsgatter day sailer SML.

In 2018 Peter and Amanda sailed on the 1900 60ft fishing/sailing vessel Swan ( from Shetland to Portsoy Scotland.  Peter later joined up with the Swan to sail from Trondheim to Lofoten Norway. Those voyages inspired the idea of sailing Tehani up towards Alaska on the Inside Passage.  Peter’s presentation will cover the first chapter of this adventure during the Fall of 2021, a round trip from Oak Harbor up to the Broughton Islands near  the North end of Vancouver Island.

This is an In-Person/Zoom Hybrid Meeting
In Person at the Greenbank Progressive Club
and Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 859 3497 8533
Passcode: 850794

Check our website for the April, May and June  program speakers:!event-list

Cruising News


2022 Cruise Dates have been set.  Mark your calendar. Join for the whole cruise or for parts of it, or extend your trip at either end.

If you’d like to be on the Cruising email list for future updates, contact Jill and Bill Brown. They’ll be sending out more information as Spring gets closer. Also, think about volunteering to be a Cruise Captain for the South Sound cruise.  It’s easy and you can plan the itinerary!

Shakedown Cruise

Dates:            Monday, May 30 – Thursday, June 2

Destinations: Still to be decided but will be not too far from starting points on Whidbey

Leaders:        Bill & Jill Brown/Jim & Kathy Rogers

Let us know your favorite near-by ports of call.

San Juans Cruise

Dates:              Friday, July 15 – Saturday, July 23


–  July 15 – 17 – Hunter Bay

–  July 18 – Blakely Island Marina

–  July 19 – Reed Harbor

–  July 20 – 23 – Gulf Islands

Leaders:           Bruce Morris and Barb Bergmann

South Sound Cruise

Dates:              Saturday, Aug 20 – Saturday, Aug 27

Destinations:   Still TBD

Leaders:           Bill and Jill Brown plus TBD volunteers

Follow Cruising news here:!event-list 



SWYC Youth Sailing Association

Volunteers Requested for Adult Sailing Classes!

The Youth Sailing Association also provides adult lessons in June. A group of SWYC volunteers has been providing both the teaching and coaching for the adult classes for the last 10 years.  We’re ready for some new blood!  If you have a sailing background but more importantly have a passion for this great sport and would like to share it with your community, please let Bob Rodgers know.  Teaching experience is not necessary.   We can provide a way to ease you into a pretty cool volunteer activity that can be very satisfying.  If you have some interest and want to know more, please contact Bob.

Adults Class Dates
June 4 & 5, weekdays of June 6-10 and June 11 & 12, all on Lone Lake

Check out all the youth and adult sailing class dates and information:


Small Boat Sailing & Racing


Racing Program – Get On The Water This Year!

Do you want to get out on the water somehow, someway this summer? Why not participate as a crew member in the Small Boat Racing Program?

The club has been mulling about with an online way to sign up on a list for “I need a crew” or “I want to crew.” Our earlier attempts have not been very successful. While we still work on a better on-line solution, Bob Rodgers has volunteered to maintain a simple list of members who are anxious to get on a boat somehow, someway and do some lake sailing this year. He already has a short list started and if you are interested on being on one of these “lists”, please reply. Have some fun and excitement and make new friends by getting on the water this year!

Check out all the Laser and Pelican racing dates:!event/2022/6/8/pelican-racing



SWIFT Keelboat Fun

Join the Keelboat Sailing Fun

The Boat
A few years ago, some Club members pooled their money and enthusiasm and purchased a San Juan 24 sailboat. It is berthed at Oak Harbor marina and is rigged for racing or day sailing. With some shuffling of gear, it could accommodate some overnight cruising. The boat is named SWIFT, which in an acronym for South Whidbey Island Fun Team.

All of the original contributors have donated their equity shares to the SWYC Youth Sailing Association (YSA). This permits us to include liability coverage for the boat under the Club and YSA joint insurance policy.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
The YSA does not manage the use of the boat or fund the expenses associated with moorage and maintenance. This is done by a group of Club members who pay into the O&M fund and perform the DIY tasks to keep the boat ready for action. Right now, this group of “SWIFTies” includes Ken Price, David Smukowski, Michael Hauser, Bill Brown, Dan Mooney, Perry Lovelace and Starke Scott. Annual O&M contributions have been running about $300.00 per SWIFTie.  As a benefit, only paid up SWIFTies are authorized to take the boat out for a sail.

The Fun
The SWIFT is a regular participant in the OAK Harbor Yacht Club Thursday night racing program, with or without spinnaker depending on crew number and skill. Day sails are easily arranged and we are still waiting for someone to try an overnight excursion. Bunk cushions are stored in the Freeland YSA boat barn. Also, we are working toward a bonus keelboat familiarization program for graduates of the YSA intermediate sailing class. SWIFT can easily be sailed by two and is comfortable with four or five aboard. Six is a little crowded but doable.

How to Join the Fun
Make contact with one or more SWIFTies, and volunteer to crew. For a race experience, Starke and Bill are the best contacts. All SWYC members are authorized crew, and non-members can also participate after signing a liability waiver. EVEN BETTER, join team SWIFT. We are down to seven and could use a few more to keep the O&M shares at a reasonable level. Three hundred bucks +/- for a year of sailing, it’s a hell of a deal. Contact a current SWIFTie for details.


Kayaking 2022 with the SWYC


Sitting in a kayak is like being in the water without getting wet. So close to the water’s edge you can reach out the palm of your hand and touch the sea around. You can be still and view the beauty in all directions or paddle like the race is on. That is kayaking with the SWYC – it’s an adventure.

The 2022 kayaking season has begun. Two Zoom social meetings have been held. We’re hoping to meet in-person one of these days but Zoom has been a good Plan B.
Join us for the virtual Kayaking March Planning Meeting/Social on Zoom
Tuesday, March 15, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Topics will include further conversation about planned and spontaneous kayak paddles as well as a review of the kayaking safety procedures: Wet Exit, Self-Rescue and Assisted Rescue.

Or, enter the Meeting ID and Passcode:
Meeting ID: 875 4647 5328 Passcode: 684554
2022 Scheduled Paddles: April – September

We’re off to a great start! Six kayakers have volunteered to organize and lead paddles. Check on our website page for the details:!event-list

• Sunday, April 10 – at Deer Lake 10 – 12noon or 12 – 2
• Monday, May 16, Mutiny Bay 5:30 PM
• Monday, May 23 Mutiny Bay 10:30. (Back up date or additional paddle)
• Saturday, June 11 Bowman Bay/Deception Pass State Park
• Monday, July 18, 2:00 Monroe Landing or Captain Coupe Park
• Monday, August 1 Lake Campbell. Depart South Whidbey 9:00
• Thursday, August 11, 9:00 Mueller Park
• Monday, August 29, 11:00 Mueller Park
• Saturday, September 17, 10:30 boat launch at Sandy Hook

Kayak Safety Training

Since 2019 when the kayaking group began, Whidbey Island Kayaking has offered a safety class for members of the club covering all aspects of kayaking safely. This spring we will again be working with WIK to offer a refresher class for wet exit, self-rescue and assisted rescue. Those dates will be announced and will take place in June.


This September 8 -11 would have been our third planned kayaking trip and this year, to Snug Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. In 2019, when we planned our first kayaking trip to West Beach Resort on Orcas Island, the kayaking trip grew and became an all-club event. 25 members participated in the trip kayaking, boating or just socializing.  Again in 2021, the kayaking all club trip was at West Beach Resort.

2022 was to be a new venue. Explore a new location. Get to enjoy paddling the waters of another island. Thus, San Juan. Thus, Snug Harbor Resort. Plans were put in place. But after much consideration weighing the pros and cons, the trip to Snug Harbor Resort has been canceled with no immediate plans to replace it.  Disappointing, but the right decision for this year.



Windward Women

Windward Women – Speaker, Patty Linehan

Windward Women will be gathering virtually on Tuesday, March 1 at 4:00. At our last gathering members expressed a desire to get to know one another’s history and interests. To that end Patty Linehan, Windward Woman extraordinaire, will be sharing a little about what it was like to work as a line woman in a predominantly male field and also a little about her experiences kayaking in Alaska. There will also be time to just chat and enjoy each other and whatever beverages or appetizers you choose!

The Windward Women gather bi-monthly, the first Tuesday of the month.  Email to get on the mailing list!






May 7 – Opening Day Celebration at Honeymoon Bay Clubhouse
May 14 – Sail-What-You-Gotta Regatta
July 10 – Crab Fest at Honeymoon Bay Clubhouse

Keep track of all the club events and updates at:!calendar




Club CPR Training

Interested in getting certified in CPR/First Aid? YSA is scheduling a CPR class for its sailing instructors & volunteers.  We’d like to open the class to other club members who may have an interest.  The class is an on-line class with an in-person 20 minute sign-off with an instructor to ensure class participants have the knowledge and skill for certification.  Class content will include Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED/First Aid.  The cost of the class is $55 payable to the instructor prior to the skills evaluations and is required before certification cards are issued. Class will be scheduled sometime in the last two weeks of April or first two weeks of May.

If interested, contact Clay Canfield   by Friday March 4, or call Clay @ 425-471-6578.

New   –  Website Tips

The SWYC website is an ever-changing but very important tool to our club.  We need your help in making it vital and useful to each one of us and to those outside of the club.

In that vein we would like to introduce a new section of the newsletter which will offer tips on how you can use and help build this site to meet the needs of all our members.

Each month we will offer a topic with some instructions, and/or tips. We hope that you will find them useful and encourage any comments, questions, or ideas to

Month 1 Tip – Keeping your Profile Up-to-Date

The online membership directory is a wonderful vehicle for members to be able to get to know one another (especially in these virtual times).  Phone numbers, addresses, member photos and boating interests can all be found in the directory – IF they are up-to-date.   We encourage each of you to update your online profile to ensure it is current and to include as many pictures and background information as is possible.

TIPAdding pictures to your profile

  • On the website under Current Members go to Manage My Account
  • You will then be required to enter your name and password. This is a privacy feature.  Membership data is only available to other club members.  Also take a moment to read some of the tips and information provided.
  • Once you sign in you will be taken to your account information screen where you can update any information.  To add a picture, click on the Profile tab and toggle down to the Profile Gallery and Business Card sections where you can upload pictures to be included and shared with the club.  Keep in mind the Business card picture will be the one that is shown as your Introduction in the Directory for everyone to know who you are the next time we meet in person.
  • Check out our own Commodore; Pete and Barbara Grimlund’s page in the directory as an example

We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces online and in person soon.  Please feel free to contact me Debra Richardson and I will be happy to help you along the way.

*** If you know of any club member who is not receiving these newsletters or other club communications, please email   We’ll help them get connected. ***

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